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Are you looking for a professional trauma cleaner which specialized in  after death cleaning services in Singapore?

Be it an unattended after death trauma cleaning, a crime scene clean up, homicide clean up, suicide clean up or blood, bodily fluid and decomposition clean up, DDQ SERVICES is the best top rated leading professional after death trauma cleaning and crime scene clean up cleaning company in Singapore.

Since 2012, we work to remove all biohazardous materials so that the people in or around the area are protected from pathogenic bacteria.


Our experts undergo on-site training and work with approved broad- spectrum chemicals to deep clean, disinfect and deodorise the property for reuse or reentry.

DDQ SERVICES is a full fledged top-rated after death cleanup company with many years of experience. We’ve cleaned up body decomposition scenes in all stages,scopes and sizes, ensuring all surfaces, and structural components within the property are properly sanitized.

During this difficult time, we truly understand that you need time to process these events, we’ll be considerate, respectful and our cleanup team will arrive in unmarked vehicles, to ensure privacy in this matter.

We will speak to no one besides our team members and you, unless we are legally obligated.

We are dedicated to helping you get through this time and decreasing the responsibilities left to you.



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Highly trained professionals

No-one should have to deal with this difficult situation by themselves. Using industry leading processes and equipment we can help you with our highly trained professionals which have the utmost compassion, care and professionalism to support you and to avoid any further distress and anguish.

Because of the sensitive nature of our work, we must do all we can to support our clients privacy at all times. We respect client confidentiality.


Detailed inspection

To help customers better understand our scope of work, a detailed inspection report will be provided covering all aspect of the trauma clean up begining from live video feed for clients to see till the ending of sharing guidances and advices at the end


Removal, treatment & remediation 

We use advanced sanitation equipment and effective, hospital-grade disinfectant solutions, to disinfect, sanitize and remove contaminated biohazard materials

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